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Prema Racing confirm stellar line- up of Tina Hausmann, Dorian Pin, and Maya Weug to compete in F1 Academy Championship 2024. The tri-peat success of all women not only unlocks

Women Motocross World Championship 2024 – calendar. 7 Rounds: Round 1 intu Xanadu – Arroyomolinos March 24, Round 2 Sardegna April 7, Round 3 Galicia May 12, Round 4 Teutschenthal

Celebrating Women completing Dakar Rally 2024 with final Stage 12 to go. In Bike Rally 2 category, British rider Jane Daniels stands 34th overall. Spanish driver Laia Sanz holds 3rd

Women faced Dakar Rally Stage 9 Special with resilience and focus on Bike, Car, Challenger, SSV and Truck categories. Even if the final Stages are in sight, and the backbone

Women push through Dakar Rally Stage 8 – Bike, Car, Challenger, SSV, and Truck categories. With a total of 678kms to complete, including 458kms in 2 separate timed sections, all

Women complete Dakar Rally Stage 7 Special – current standings heading into final Stages 8 – 12.           Dakar Rally Stage 8 Al Duwadimi to Hail

Sara Price shares her thoughts on completing Dakar Rally Stages 1 – 6 currently standing 2nd in SSV General classification. As the American driver recants on how the opportunity came

Cristina Gutierrez, Sara Price, and Aliyyah Koloc have produced outstanding results in Dakar Rally 48H Chrono Stage 6a and b, with all women enduring the most grueling leg of the

Women completing Dakar Rally 48H Chrono Stage 6a – reel. All competitors compete in Stage 6a and b with clock striking 4.00pm, to signal stop racing and reach the next

Women complete Dakar Rally Stages 1 – 5 with total distance covered of 1,759kms timed – equivalent to racing from London to Rome, or the entire length of NZ. In

Emilija Gelazninkiene shares her thoughts on completing Dakar Rally Stages 1 – 4 at the end of day 4 at the bivouac in Al-Hofuf. In what can be described as

Women have consolidated results in the Dakar Rally after Stage 3 in Bike, Car, Challenger, SSV, and Truck categories. Proving patience, consistency, and bucket loads of sheer will power to