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Women MX World Championship Round 3 Preview- and top Women riders giving back to the sport

CD June 2020 (2)

2020 Women MX World Championship heads to MXGP of Lombardia, Mantova this weekend, Round 3 of 5 and first GP in triple header at Italy’s iconic venue. Hard to fathom, but it has been 29 weeks since last Race for the World’s top Women rider’s back on March 8th at Valkenswaard.

MXFonta Racing team-riders at training session Photo Credit: MXFonta

With Opening Round at Matterley Basin followed by back-to-back races at Valkenswaard, WMX has celebrated 3 different race winners from 4, with NZ’s Courtney Duncan taking Round 1 win and Germany’s Larissa Papenmeier claiming Round 2 top step of podium.

Overall standings has Duncan on 90 points, Papenmeier on 85, Kiara Fontanesi 80 and Dutch star Nancy Van de Ven on 78. With Qualifying and races 1 and 2 condensed to just Saturday, followed by next WMX Round 3 days later- the next few days will be key as to who holds advantage in highly competitive field.

What will make the difference in results? How each Women in 28 gate-class has managed to work training schedule within uncertain times of not knowing when racing would resume? How each Women has sustained positive mind-set and adaptability to focus on goals given extreme length of no race-time? Or, how each Women has accommodated such disruptions in different ways to keep energy flowing no matter what comes next?

Lare’s Team Yamaha Racing #423 Photo Credit: Lare

For certain, complimenting their race careers WMX top Women riders have taken on board giving back to their sport by way of teaching, embracing and supporting young riders who look up to their role models as beacons of what they would like to become.

WMX 6x Champion Kiara Fontanesi has established rider training programme under MXFonta Racing which not only takes selected riders through physical fitness sessions, but also bike track-work. Such has been the success, that rider Giorgia Blagsigh gained podium step at 2020 Italian Women MX Championship.

Larissa Papenmeier developed Team Yamaha Racing #423 with team-rider Alicia Reitze competing in WMX 2020 for first time. Over past couple of months, Lare has grown her Team to 4 riders with youngest recruit just 6 years old riding YZ65cc.

Nancy Van de Ven took on role as training coach at MX Ladies Day recently which comprised of varying levels of riders, all keen and eager to listen, learn and bank knowledge from 2 WMX riders: Nancy and Nicky Van Wordragen. The day organised by MxGirls highlights how self-rewarding these sessions are, not just for the riders but also for their mentors.

Other side of world, Courtney Duncan enjoys meeting young children, all whom know and admire the gutsy, sole Kiwi female WMX rider who grew up with goals to be World Champion one day.

Courtney Duncan meeting with group of school children in NZ. Photo Credit: CD

It goes without stating the obvious, these Women, top of the world in competition, inspire, encourage and provide no end of get-up-and-go to reach out to goals and achieve. Each of these Women are strong individuals, yet without self-belief and confidence in what they are capable of achieving- success would be in distant future.

For sure, these Women have made the circle ever more round by giving back to young generations who like them- one day hope to turn their dreams into reality.

WMX Round 3 MXGP of Lombardia September 26th                                                       WMX Round 4 MXGP of Citta di Mantova September 27th

Header Photo Courtney Duncan

Words: Sharon Cox.




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