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Team United States extend their lead in ISDE Women’s World Trophy by 29 minutes after Day 4 of 6

Nieve Holmes competing for Team Great Britain in ISDE WWT

Team United States extend their lead in ISDE Women’s World Trophy by 29 minutes after Day 4 of 6. Stellar results by Brandy Richards, winning all special tests 1 – 6, coupled with Team US rider’s Korie Steede going P4, P5, P2, P4, P5, and P4, and Rachel Gutish’s top 11 results, the trio have distinct advantage over the remaining 7 Teams.

Justine Martel competing for Team France in ISDE WWT Image: @mastorgne

Team Australia slipped to third overall following retirement of Tayla Jones in special test 1 with Team Latin America benefitting from the loss of the rider, gaining second place overall after Day 4. Standout performances from the remaining 2 Australian rider’s: Jessica Gardiner and rookie Danielle Mc Donald have kept margins at bay, with Team France 49 minutes behind on fourth place.

With Team Latin America rider’s of Barbara Neves, Tania Gonzales, and Valeria Rodiguez all producing results heading into Day 5 – with ‘anything can happen in final days of racing’ let’s see what transpires in remaining 12 special tests.

Most certainly, the intensity of racing has proved pressure cooker for all, not only managing consistent results over 6 special tests for the past 4 days, but also mitigating the loss of a rider through retirement.

Team Great Britain have one remaining rider: Nieve Holmes who pulled off sixth place across all special tests, and currently stands sixth in Women’s World Trophy individual standings. Team Germany has one remaining rider: Tanja Schlosser following retirement of fellow-team rider’s Maria Franke on Day 1 and Samantha Buhmann on Day 4.

Team Latin America competing in ISDE WWT Barbara Neves, Tania Gonzalas, and Valeria Rodiguez Image: Team LA

Team France hold slender 10 minutes margin ahead of Team Argentina after Day 4, in 4th and 5th position respectively, however both Teams have lost one rider which will undoubtedly affect overall result heading into final 2 days.

With Team Germany holding P6 overall, followed by Team Great Britain in P7, Team Canada in P8 will have to rely on their sole rider remaining: Felicia Robichaud to round out what has been an exciting ISDE Women’s World Trophy Days 1 – 4 so far.

Header photo: Nieve Holmes competing for Team Great Britain Image: Team.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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