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Sara Price shares her thoughts on fulfilling her passion to race

Sara Price cropped

Sara Price shares her thoughts on fulfilling her passion to race as one of America’s most successful racing drivers. Milestones have been achieved competing in Motocross, Rallying, Stadium Super Trucks along with first female to join Chip Ganassi Racing in the all electric Extreme E Championship.

Sara Price competing in 2022 Extreme E Championship with Chip Ganassi Racing Image: Extreme E

Taken in context on what makes Sara tick goals off the list and pandora’s box is opened to find a women driven by strong sense of conviction that when objectives are set, there is simply no turning back. Need case to be proven, then results speak louder than mere words on paper.

In 2019 Sara entered 2019 SCORE International Baja 1000 Ironwomen, not only finishing 2nd in Trophy Trucks spec class but completing the entire race as sole driver in 19 half hours. And highlight #2 would most certainly be taking hard fought win at 2022 Extreme E Round at NEOM Island X Prix in Sardinia on July 6-7.

Having clocked up victories across multi-disciplines in the past decade, the highs have been balanced by the disappointments, top of list would be the down-grading of Women Motocross status in America. Ever humbled by making her passion her career, Sara tunes into the fact that the journey is just as important as the destination making decisions count when needed.

For sure, Sara’s personality makes the maybe possible, making the utmost of opportunity to race with America’s iconic Chip Ganassi Racing Team. First female in the Team, bringing home first win with co-driver Kyle LeDuc at Sardinia was huge deal, given the hard knocks endured racing the debut Extreme E season in 2021. All of which goes to show, everyone could take a leaf out of Sara’s book, putting her positive spin of words into action. Sara shares her thoughts below:

Sara Price racing 2022 Extreme E at Desert X Prix Image: Extreme E

Sara: ‘Racing for a legendary team, you can only imagine how honored I am. So it’s a big deal you know especially with all the previous season’s bad luck to finally get a win, not only for our team but for Chip and for his legacy and for us it meant the world. We work very hard at what we do and we put all we can into it, so to not have results and then finally get them was a great relief.

I think I’m a racer deep down no matter what I wanna be racing. Sometimes you have to adapt you have to change, you have to be open to new things and always put 100 percent into whatever goal is in front of you. I believe in putting yourself in a position to have opportunities arise and when those opportunities arise you give it your all and make the most out of it. When I decide on doing something or a goal I want to reach I call it blinders – nothing distracts me from getting to that goal.

To focus on the outcome means setting aside distractions, and making choices that may have consequences further down the the track. Sara knows that decisions include risks which may or may not pay off. Questions arise: what if results aren’t good enough? What if mechanical failures prevent podiums? What if pressure to deliver performance for yourself and the Team falls below expectation?

Sara Price competing in 2019 SCORE International Baja 1000 Ironwomen Image: Sara

Sara also knows what her capabilities are behind the wheel, along with working within collaborative Team environment to ensure all aspects of racing support best possible result on track. Feeding off her strengths means pushing forwards, facing the next challenge and always remaining true to her passion- which is ultimately to race.

Sara: ‘I think the Baja 1000 was a huge feat for myself, that was the longest time I’ve ever been in a vehicle at one time and also to wrap up the championship on top, that was huge. Now to finally persevere in ExtremeE and show the world what we have got after never getting discouraged was also a big feat and now it’s time to keep the momentum going’. 

Header photo: Sara Price racing 2022 Extreme E at Sardinia Image: Extreme E.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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