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Sabre Cook racing single-seater 2020 WSeries along with Road to Indy Pro 2000 campaign

Sabre Cook Road to Indy Photo Credit: Benik

Sabre Cook is one enterprising young woman having successfully carved a career racing cars- from Karting to F3 single-seater to open-wheel – 2020 looks set to be another blazing trail of victories.

Sabre Cook at Sebring International Speedway January 2020 Photo Credit: Sabre

One eve of competing in 2020 Road to Indy- Pro 2000 Race One this weekend, Sabre has jam-packed calendar of racing engagements which fulfill deep passion to race, develop driver skills and gain as much seat-time as possible.

If there was stand-out point in Sabre’s career to climb next rung of Motorsport ladder it was selection to compete in 2019 WSeries. Doubled with selection to work at Infiniti Engineering Academy and Renault F1 based in the UK, ‘019 was exceptional for the American born native, who worked hard-raced hard to finish 12th Overall in the F3 WSeries Championship.

With top 12 finish and automatic selection to race 2020 WSeries, Sabre returned back home with contract complete under Infiniti and set about finalising plans, race schedule, and calender dates for racing this year.

Busy- yes! Loving it- yes! Does such precision to cement racing schedule suit overall goals- that’s a Yes too!

Sabre Cook WSeries 2019 Photo Credit: WSeries

Sabre: ‘I think having my first full season in a higher level single seater category gave me valuable seat time and experience with the tracks that will undoubtedly help me going into 2020’.

And what a race schedule it is. Having recently announced re-joining Team Benik to race part Road to Indy Pro 2000 Series, Sabre satisfies long-term goals of becoming an IndyCar driver, making racing within the tiered Road to Indy ladder system a celebration in itself.

Contesting Indy Pro 2000 of 6 Rounds- St Petersberg, Florida this weekend, all the way through to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in August, Sabre has sealed extra race-time in between competing in 2020 WSeries 8 Rounds.

Opening Race for 2020 WSeries takes place in another St Petersberg- this one in Russia timed for May 30th followed by Race 2 at Anderstorp in Sweden and Race 3 at Monza, Italy end of June. The following Races 4, 5 and 6 are at familiar venues from 2019: Norisring, Germany, Brands Hatch, UK and Assen, Netherlands at end of September. Then whole WSeries team and drivers will travel and race final 2 Races in America and Mexico finishing end of October.

Sabre: ‘I am very excited for both races and happy to have a home GP this year! The people at COTA (Circuit of the America’s) have supported me in the past and I’m very pleased I’ll be able to share this experience with them at their gorgeous track. The race in Mexico City will also be special to because of the great fans and history of the track’.

Sabre Cook WSeries 2019 Photo Credit: WSeries

‘I think it will be great to have the chance to learn and see even more amazing tracks and cities. It’s also nice to return to some of the venues from last year though and try and improve upon my results there’.

For sure, Sabre not only embraces opportunities to race on the track but not without personal and professional development track-side. The experience and knowledge gained from working amongst skilled field of engineers, technicians and high profile Motorsport personal at Infiniti last year, allowed Sabre to increase her own Intellectual Property within Motorsport industry.

And what were key take-outs from working with Infiniti Engineering Academy and Renault 1: ‘I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one or two things because there were so many aspects of the program that really helped me grow personally and professionally’.

‘If I had to list the top benefits though it’d be learning from some of the best engineers, living with a talented and diverse group of young engineers, meeting so many great contacts in the motorsports world, and growing my range of technical skills and knowledge’.

For now, Sabre puts all years of hard work, successes gained on and off the track to practice for 2020 race season with priority to: ‘Try to get as much seat time as possible will be key, whether that’s in a kart or any type of car. Additionally working on specific physical skills, sim days, and mental preparation to continue my development’.

Follow Sabre Cook on website and her social media platforms.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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