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MXLink new layout- advertisement options- template below- hitting 3K new viewers per month

Website new layout

MXLink was started in 2014 with focus on production of written and later visual content on selected Motorsport riders within New Zealand and overseas. Media-Film work involved interviews, race reports, promotional stories on events: National and International along with stories offering insight on topics of interest.

MXLink website template layout

By 2016, Media-Film focused on giving Women riders and racers a voice- providing viewers and readers insight on what makes Women Motorsport athletes drive for success in such physically and mentally challenging sport.

From 2017 to present day, written and visual content has been strategically planned to broaden audience reach, increase viewers watch-time and retention along with expanding geographical scope.

Analysis of website statistics and YouTube Analytics provides data on where drop-off of viewer engagement occurs, allowing for improved production of content to increase views and attract new viewers.

All Media-Film wriiten and visual content is new. Every piece uploaded, posted, shared is fresh, never been viewed before thereby website has gained significant traction in market- carving niche platform for growth.

Website Stats Unique Views new viewers @ 3K per month to July 21st 2019

Website statistics have achieved strong growth in 2019 attracting 3K new viewers per month from January to present day, along with 750K hits. This is 120% increase from 2018. Geographical reach places New Zealand at head of Top 25 geographies with USA and European countries following.

With Media-Film written and visual content covering many disciplines from Motocross, SuperX, Arena-Cross, SBK, GNCC WXC, World Rally Championships, and recently Formula 3 Series: WSeries in Europe- a new layout of site with varying advertisment options has been developed.

The advertisment options vary in placement costs, to suits budgets, time-frames along with any necessary requests. Below is full link on website template with advertisments in grey area, within 4 screens.

Interest in advertisements can be sent to:

Words: Sharon Cox.

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