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MXLink celebrates a decade producing Media content on Women in Motorsport

MXLink celebrates decade in Media 2013 2023

MXLink celebrates a decade producing Media content on Women in Motorsport. With the very first article posted on the newly established website in 2013 to the latest article this week in 2023, production of content has evolved to astronomical 900 articles online.

Courtney Duncan Hangtown 2013 TVOne Sports News: first TVNZ report

Interviews, feature stories, research articles, on-and-off track reports, films, TV stories, and TV Series have all contributed to the unprecedented record of documenting Women competing in varying Motorsport disciplines around the world.

The initial principle of thought has remained the basis of all content produced – to provide readers and viewers insight on how Women face and overcome challenges to pursue their respective careers in Motorsport. Creativity of production has evolved from straight up Q @ A style articles, to analysis on how, what, where, and why women race, to identifying specific characteristics on what it takes to race within constraints of gaining financial and Team support from one season to the next.

Diversity of content production introduced the first filming of Women both at Championship Rounds and at their home base within Europe, Qatar, and New Zealand. Direct communications to TV platforms enabled film-to-tv reports to be aired to mainstream audience within tight 12 hour dead-line. Website statistics achieved growth in attracting new viewers and increasing geographical reach with 2022 peaking at 1.7 million views and on average 35K new followers per annum.

Kiara Fontanesi filming at home in Parma, Italy, along with practice at Ottobiano MX track.

Inclusivity of content production enabled interviews with Women competing in multi-disciplines including WSBK SSP300 as was the case for NZ’s Avalon Biddle which included travelling and filming Avalon within race season in Europe. The opportunity to cover, film, and spend time with Italy’s WMX 6x Champion Kiara Fontanesi in 2017 – 2018 was game-changer for extending reach of content to global audience.

Equality of content production extended to profile Women competing in The Dakar Rally from 2019 to present day. Communications with driver’s and rider’s racing in Bike, Car, T3, T4, and Quad categories over the iconic 14 day event was key factor in amalgamating both FIA and FIM Women in Motorsport on single Media platform.

Analysis of Formula female driver’s prompted coverage of WSeries from debut season in 2019 through to 2022, opening communications with experienced through to up-coming single-seater driver’s from Spain, Finland, UK, Australia, and France. Content produced included interviews on how the challenges formula female driver’s face have influenced their ability to gain race-time, all of which was covered in the first ever publication of Women in Motorsport Magazine in 2021.

Women in Motorsport Magazine first Issue. Purchase on MXLink and receive FIM WMC package.

The desire to continually push boundaries on how Media presents Women in Motorsport – in written and visual form opens dialogues on what comes next. #1 content should represent Women competing across varied disciplines, inclusive of seasoned and up-coming talented driver’s, rider’s and racer’s. #2 content should provoke thought on how women pursue their respective racing careers, how they face and overcome challenges, and what influences their decision making process.

#3 content should stimulate younger generation of females who are a seeking career in Motorsport through dialogue with women Motorsport role models, past and present. #4 content should be new, sustainable for posting on continual weekly basis. #5 content should include promotion of providers who enable women to race.

A lot to appreciate over the course of 10 plus years, a lot to look forward to, and a lot of content still to complete.

Header photo: Annett Fischer and Annie Seel competing in 2023 Dakar Rally. Image: X-Raid Yamaha

Words: Sharon Cox.

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