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Media – sharing information based on facts, perspectives, analysis, and context – not assumptions, repetition, or fiction

Formula 1 2023: Abu Dhabi GP

Media – sharing information based on facts, perspectives, analysis, and context – not assumption, repetition or fiction. Such principles of thought have formed the meaning and purpose of creating Media content within the Motorsport industry which over time has swayed from result based news, to reporting track action, to predictions of performances, to influencing profiles of athletes.

Currently, Media remains the most powerful tool to play up and down what is significant in terms of track racing, who the main player’s will be, and what viewer’s and follower’s should expect come weekend action. Via online up-dates, both written and visual, Media uploads can boost viewers engagement on selected topics covered pre-during-and post racing.


The enormity of the resource, deciding what to write, post, and share – on who and why – underpins the art of meeting requirements laid out by financial entities who pay for the creation of content, against the validity of content selection which has the ability to influence an increase or decrease of audience following.

For example: F1 Academy’s recent announcement of Tina Hausman signing with Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant for 2024 season attracted unprecedented attention from Media platforms, with record of 142K likes on the Team’s post. The high profile of F1 Academy racing within F1 programme for next season, combined with plugs for providing opportunities for females to develop their formula racing career’s culminates in massive swing of follower’s for Tina, and F1 Academy Series.

On the other side of the pendulum, the all-female Team’s competing in ISDE Women World Trophy, recently in Argentina garnered lower than needed Media coverage outside the organizer’s and Team’s personal sharing of results pre-during-and post racing. Given the iconic milestone of ISDE’s 97th edition, coupled with historic wins by Team Australia 6x, and this year – Team United States for the second time, there remains a question mark on how valid one media post is to another?

Team Australia competing in 2023 ISDE Women World Trophy Image: Team

If the priority of creating Media content on Motorsport requires deft handling on deciding what stories will attract views within the context of return of investment of work, then principles of sustainability of Media remains of equal importance.

Content that broadens viewer’s knowledge, informs and provokes thought, and embraces dialogue on topics of interest not only personifies principles of thought on equality, diversity, and inclusivity in sport, but also actions the mandate when planning what Media content to produce, post, and share.

With 2023 season closing, and up-coming 2024 about to begin, there is no better time to re-assess the impact Media has on how Motorsport driver’s, rider’s, racer’s, and Team personal profiles reach the community at large.

Extreme E standings with Final Round on December 4 Image: Extreme E

From women competing on the sand dunes in Saudia Arabia in Dakar, to 40 grid line-up in Women Motocross World Championship, to gendered racing in Extreme E Series, to sole female rider in Hard/Extreme Enduro – Media has the capabilities to validate the significance of each competing – male and female, in the present and future.

Header photo: F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023 Image: Pirelli.

Words: Sharon Cox.

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