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Crowning of Champions ending 2023 season – heading into 2024 #Women in Motorsport

Sara Price 2023 pic 4

Crowning of Champions ending 2023 season – heading into 2024 #Women in Motorsport. And, what a year it has been. Specifically, for the number of Women who have risen above all challenges presented to stand top of podium taking overall victory in their respective careers.

Courtney Duncan winning 2023 WMX Championship Image: Team

Heading the list of FIM Women Champions for 2023 starts with Women Motocross World Champion Courtney Duncan. With outstanding results of 4 WMX Round wins, including 6 races from 12, CD ranks high on echelon list of Champions with total of 4 Titles in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2023.

Notwithstanding the stellar competition in WMX, next season boasts plenty of action on the track, with younger rider’s vying for top honours against their experienced peers. Dutch rider Lotte van Drunen showcased her extreme talent, especially in sand, taking 4 wins in her debut year, along with the capable skills of Lynn Valk, Daniela Guillen, Shana van der Vlist, and Sara Andersen.

2024 WMX will be on fire yet again, with 2022 WMX Champion Nancy van de Ven back from injury, along with WMX 6x Champion Kiara Fontanesi, and Larissa Papenmeier ramping up anticipation on who be crowned Champion, marking the 20th anniversary of Women Motocross World Championship.

Rachael Archer winning 2023 GNCC WXC Championship Inage: Team

Racing aside, next season opens new chapter of WMX, which started with Women’s World MX Cup in 2005. Fittingly, an invitation to Livia Lancelot – WMX 2x: 2008 and 2016, would be welcome opportunity to cover the yet-to-be-confirmed 2024 WMX Rounds. Livia has massive experience racing WMX, managing her own Team 114 along with rider’s who have gone on to achieve highest results in the sport, and would add insightful commentary pre-during and post racing.

America’s GNCC WXC Series has already crowned 2024 Champion, with NZ’s Rachael Archer winning the Championship for the 2nd consecutive year, 2 Rounds to spare. Huge props to Rachael who has dominated Rounds with 7 wins from 10, not only elevating her own profile within the sport and industry, but also highlighting the sustainable pathway of pursuing a career in Grand National Cross Country Series.

Rounding out final racing for 2023 season will be F1 Academy Round 7 at Austin, racing as support category in Formula One United States Grand Prix on October 20 – 22. Leading the Championship table, Marta Garcia (Prema Racing) will be fully focused to cement overall victory standing on 235 points, ahead of Lena Buhler (ART Grand Prix) on 187, and Hamda Al Qubaisi (MP Motorsport) on 179.

Marta Garcia leading F1 Academy Championship Image: F1 Academy

The all-electric Extreme E Series holds Final Round 10 in Chile on December 2 – 3. The season has produced fine performances from the 10 female driver’s within their corresponding Teams, highlighting race skills on track which have increased each driver’s potential to compete in complimentary disciplines such as: RX2e Rallycross Championship for Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, Molly Taylor, Catie Munnings, and Cristina Gutierrez.

Cristina Gutierrez competing in Extreme E and up-coming Rally du Marco Image:@kinmarcinphoto

Preparations for 2024 Dakar Rally has been laid, with driver’s and rider’s entering Rally du Maroc this coming week, October 12 – 18. Spearheading charge on landing optimum results in T3 category will be Red Bull Off Road Junior Team driver Cristina Gutierrez with co-driver Pablo Moreno Haute.

All-female pair of Saudi’s Dania Akeel and South Africa’s Taye Perry will double-up on the experience gained competing in Baja Poland and Italian Baja recently, to re-fine race-craft in T3 classification on the sands of Morocco. And, America’s Sara Price will test the dunes in T4 category with co-driver Jeremy Gray ahead of her debut entry in 2024 Dakar, courtesy of winning #RoadtoDakar from victory in America’s SCORE Baja 500.

Lot’s to watch, look forward to, and support.

Words: Sharon Cox. 

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