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Avalon Biddle shares thoughts on racing NZSBK and her race career

Avalon Biddle NZSBK Round 3

Avalon Biddle has to be respected and admired for her sheer determination to fulfill passion and love of racing SBK- albeit in Europe, Australia or back home in New Zealand.

Avalon Biddle racing at 2020 NZSBK Round 3 at Hampton Downs Photo Credit: James Bennell

Having carved early career racing in Europe, pushing the envelope out year after year to fund racing, Avalon claimed mighty victories winning Women’s European Cup in 2015 and 2016.

By 2017, Avalon took on board long-held goal to compete in WSBK racing SSP 300 class. The step-up within World SBK Championship paddock was not without challenges, not least racing 300cc bike compared to previous years racing 600cc.

Avalon as always, re-assessed race plan, re-wrote schedule of trying to make budgets work over course of 6 years, all the while trying to complete Business Degree via online study, which prompted decision to return home to New Zealand.

And, what a great choice. Not only did Avalon graduate, the Kiwi female racer lined up to compete on level playing field against the guys in NZSBK Championship Series. To think, Avalon not only pushed herself to race overseas, because in her words ‘living in NZ means we are off the radar from Europe’s race scene’, but stayed true to character and continued her passion to race once back home.

Avalon Biddle racing 2020 NZSBK Round 3 at Hampton Downs Photo Credit: James Bennell

In 2019, Avalon competed in NZSBK Championship and became the first female to win 600cc class in NZ’s Motorsport history. The result was truely phenomenal, and will be hard to beat.

We caught up with Avalon before and during 2020 NZSBK Round 3 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Lucky we did, soon after event, racing came to abrupt halt with COVID-19 shutting everything down.

Avalon shares her thoughts on racing NZSBK, her race career and why she loves her sport in film edit below.

Words: Sharon Cox.


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